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Irina Gorkova

Irina Gorkova


Modality: Gestalt, Art therapy

Irina is a charismatic psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. She completed her professional education at the Moscow Gestalt Institute (MGI) in psychiatry.

Irina Gorkova

For many years she worked as a business psychologist for entrepreneurs and managers and cooperated with the media, sports organizations, and world-class federations.

In working with her clients, she focuses on their personalities, individual skills, and abilities. She finds it essential to provide support and find resources in the therapeutic process.

She works under constant supervision.

The methods used by Irina during her work:

  • Person-centered psychotherapy
  • Narrative psychotherapy
  • Phenomenological-existential therapy
  • Resource psychology
  • Art therapy
  • Erickson’s hypnosis and regressive therapy

Specialization areas:

  • searching for the meaning of life
  • family conflicts
  • relationship problems
  • personality crises
  • professional identity
  • adaptation of emigrants
  • anxiety disorders
  • coping with stress-
  • psychosomatic phenomena
  • depression
  • anxiety

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