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Hanna Briukhanova

Hanna Briukhanova

Psychologist, Psychoterapist

Modality: Integrative Therapy

Transactional Analysis a graduate of MA studies in the field of psychology with a specialization in applied psychology at the Pedagogical University of Borys Hrinchenko in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Hanna Briukhanova

A certified psychotherapist by UATA – Ukrainian Association of Transactional Analysis, Kyiv, Ukraine

She works in compliance with the Psychologist’s Professional and Ethical Code, the EATA Code of Ethics, based on the International Convention on Human Rights.

She has many years of experience in prestigious schools as a family psychologist and recently helps refugees in the war crisis.

She is an expert in consultations with parents of multicultural and bilingual families. She supports people living in exile and those planning to return to their country.

Ambitious, constantly improving her qualifications in the field of psychotherapy, psychological help, and methods of working with various types of disorders.

In her work, she works under constant supervision.

Specialization areas:

  • mood changes, sadness, depression, fear or anxiety
  • low self-esteem,
  • an excessively high level of guilt
  • professional crisis
  • emotional crisis
  • problems in relations with relatives and colleagues, withdrawal from contacts
  • problem with decision-making and action
  • distrust, suspicion, reflection, absence in the event of difficulties in coping with a life situation, e.g., breakup, divorce, separation
  • problem with fulfilling daily duties and performing social roles, e.g., parental or professional
  • searching for the meaning of life
  • eating disorders
  • oppositional defiant disorders
  • adaptation disorders
  • crisis in relations with children/parents
  • borderline personality disorder

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