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Team of specialists

We introduce our international team of psychologists, sexologists, behavioral-cognitive, psychodynamic, systemic, psychoanalytical, gestalt, and integration psychotherapists. They have gone through years of study, certifications, professional experience, and personality development to best support our clients in overcoming depression,
anxiety, personality disorders, burnout and re-gaining psychological balance.


Rossana La Zara

Modality: Systemic, Psychosomatic

Rossana is a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in clinical psychology.

Irina Gorkova

Modality: Gestalt, Art therapy

Irina is a charismatic psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. She completed her professional education at the Moscow Gestalt Institute (MGI) in psychiatry.

Jakub Skrzydłowski

Current: Behavioral-Cognitive

Member of the Polish Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, in 2020-2022, a member of the Board of PTTPiB.

Marcin Bogucki

Modality: humanistic and existential

He studied at the Middlesex University in London; and later focused his professional path on helping people suffering from poor mental health in the homelessness crisis or complex social situations.

Hanna Briukhanova

Modality: Integrative Therapy

Transactional Analysis a graduate of MA studies in the field of psychology with a specialization in applied psychology at the Pedagogical University of Borys Hrinchenko in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Behind the clinic’s establishment is a story that took us to Cyprus and changed our lives so far. The aim was to combine our skills, work experience, and mission – to overthrow the mental health stigma and help people change and improve their lives. Everyone has a story, and this place is there to help you walk through it and understand it. Congratulations, now that you’re here, you’ve taken the first step. A new story has just begun.

Anna Prymakowska

Graduate of Law and Economics at the University of Germany. As a CEO of leading international e-commerce businesses, she has recently worked with investment funds on mergers and acquisitions.

Witold Prymakowski

Graduate of Clinical Psychology at the SWPS University. He completed certified training in Carl Gustav Jungs' analytical psychotherapy and is in the process of becoming a Jungian analyst.

Team of specialists

Psychology for Life-changing employs a selected team of experts who conduct their processes at a world-class level for clients who require expertise, utmost care, but also empathy and trust.

If you are a psychiatrist and/or a certified therapist, please contact us

Currently, we are looking for the following specialists to join our international team: Psychotherapists, Sexologists and Psychiatrists native in Polish, English, German, Greek and/or Spanish.

If you are a psychiatrist and/or a certified therapist, with at least 10 years’ experience in conducting therapy, please contact us: